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Giles Bailey (then committee member of) Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, invited me to participate within the following framework.

"Since the emergence of electroacoustic music in its nascent state back in the 1950s and 1960s sound has been increasingly recognised as a potent tool for art making. As the technical demands became more affordable and accessible the importance of sound and its affinities with other time based disciplines in the visual arts has opened and expanded possibilities for contemporary practice."

In response I instigated a series of six fleeting and private performances by musicians in architecturally dominant situations. A multi-channel video/sound installation was installed along with curated events. The format of the work followed on from my practice in London at the time that through which I collaborated with musicians such as Phil Minton, Tom James Scott and Luke Younger.

Musicians in the Glasgow project included Krzysztof Hladowski, John Fail, Sarah Kenchington, Howie Reeve, Hanna Tuulikki, and others.